Are You the Entrepreneur at Your Career’s Helm?


Over the last year the Vocatio team has spent a significant amount of time interacting with our core audience of students and graduates 16-25 years old (tail end of Millennials and emerging front of Gen Z).

What has been interesting, although not surprising, is this cohort’s growing generational interest in entrepreneurship.

From our experience it’s not so much that this generation has a higher propensity to start companies and take them public; it’s more that they want to be able to control the factors of their work like schedule flexibility, work composition and the end product of their talents.  These factors must align with their own sense of intrinsic motivation as individuals and find a corresponding match with prospective employers.

As such, the recent article “Your Career As Enterprise” by the Foundation for Economic Education’s Dan Sanchez struck a chord with me; particularly the notion of what he calls “Universal Self Employment:”

“…You are your own allocator, the ultimate employer of your own labor. Your value-creation, for yourself and for the market, is your own responsibility. Stop thinking of any firm you work with as just another involuntary institution that swallows you up and prescribes your every move. A job is partnership: a voluntary economic relationship based on free exchange. If the relationship is a good one, both sides will strive to create value for the other.

It is on you to seek out and develop mutually beneficial market relationships. And that requires treating your career as an enterprise, with you as the entrepreneur in charge.”


It is this cohort’s cultural dimension of entrepreneurial self agency, passion, and purpose around their careers that we at Vocatio aim to both inspire and catalyze.

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Patrick Jones
Founder & CEO


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