Health Industry is More than Healthcare: Careers in Health & Fitness

When you hear “health industry,” it’s natural to think about healthcare– the white coats and scrubs and hospitals and patients; the potential for blood and heartbreak and the national uncertainty around the system’s future. That’s obviously not for everyone.

But there’s much more to health than healthcare, and if you’re passionate about healthy living, fitness, public health, or nutrition, there are countless careers for you to choose from that allow to combine that passion with your talents and skills.

Make a career out of what you love

Do you love eating healthy? Are you passionate about your morning yoga? If you’re passionate about wellness, fitness, nutrition, public health; the Health Industry–broadly defined–surely has something for you, allowing you to achieve a rewarding work-life blend and a fulfilling career. 


Job roles and opportunities in the natural health industry

There are many ways to build a career around the health industry as job trends within the industry are constantly evolving. More and more companies, research groups, nonprofits, proponents of holistic and natural living are creating job opportunities that revolve around stress management, personal wellbeing, weight management, healthy eating, physical fitness, mindfulness, and sustainable environmental practices. Corporations are even implementing programs on workplace wellness.

Even though these jobs are health related, you can find different types of job roles like in any other industry, and they could range from being a fitness instructor, a food blog writer, a researcher, a health store manager, an organic chef, a wellness consultant, a social media manager of a food startup, and many more.


Health food and research

If you love healthy eating and nutrition, consider making a career of it in this highly dynamic and versatile industry segment. There are actually a number of jobs available and the best thing is there’s something for everyone, be it in sales, marketing, research, analysis, manufacturing and distribution.

As far as industry-specific roles, nutritionist and dietitians are the two most common types of job roles and both have similar job functions like planning diets, and helping patients adopt a healthy eating program. These jobs are available in schools, hospitals, community organizations and private clinics, as well as for food and supplement companies. They’ll require specific training and a certification by your state.


Health educators work to promote health in a larger community, through direct education and teaching. They organize events, seminars and conferences, to spread awareness about health and nutrition. You can work for a nonprofit or find an entry-level job in the local administration.

There are a range of positions in food research. These include research positions of various types and necessary expertise levels–working in testing and development labs to analyze new products and breakthroughs.

The food and restaurant industry is also open for jobs that entail planning and management to provide a satisfying experience to its customers. As a food service manager you plan meals, manage the kitchen, do some business marketing and implement public relations strategies to attract new clients and retain a loyal customer base. And there are marketing and operations positions at health stores that give you the chance to market sustainable, pure and organic produce and brands.



Health-tech and startups

This relatively new industry carries a lot of opportunity for entry-level positions and career growth. Health- related technology (wearables, fitness tracking, etc) is growing and startups are where all the action is. They’re bringing new ideas into the market, supporting innovation, and fueling a demand for talented individuals ready to transform the way we look at healthcare.

Aside from the engineering and technical sides of these companies, there are tons of roles like content marketing, market research, product marketing, sales and business development as the health startups flood the market with apps and wearables to raise the visibility of the overall wellness sector. The rise of mobile health-related apps has generated a need for UX writers and designers as well. Since startups are famous for their fast-paced environments you’ll most likely pick up new skills and get to carry out a wide range of responsibilities.



Spas, Gyms, and other Facilities

The spa industry is one primarily focused on big cities and rich clients. What sells the most is its zen like environment and the effect it has on stressed out professionals and frazzled souls. Spas can run as standalone businesses — for example hair salon, or skin care centers— or they can be part of cruises, hotels, airports, fitness clubs, or resorts.

The gym industry also continues to grow, as a fitness-conscious population looks to stay active in the modern world. Large, traditional gyms are still flourishing, as well as smaller, specialized gyms featuring crossfit, martial arts, boxing, and more. These, like spas, will hire not only health and fitness professionals (personal trainers, nutritionists), as well as a wide range of non-industry-specific roles–accounting, marketing, sales, business analysts, HR–if you’re looking to get into the industry.

Like in the case of most businesses spas, gyms, and other health facilities need publicity, word-of-mouth, and positive customer relations to boost and maintain its client list. As a public relations manager of  resorts and wellness clubs you’ll help create strategies and campaigns,  promote brand image, all while being a smooth facilitator of programs and events.

You can also work in a passion for writing. Many also have content platforms or blogs, and have needs for writers/editors.  

Products and Apparel

You’ve surely seen some of the ridiculous prices people pay for fitness gear these days. “Athleisure” trends have even made athletic wear fashionable in everyday life, making some of those brands today’s most successful clothing brands.

Aside from that, the health related products market is booming. Yoga mats, exercise balls, stretching equipment, water bottles. The list goes on and on, but these lifestyle health brands are doing very well. There’s crossover here between apparel/fashion, outdoor & adventure, sports, and consumer products–but many of the related companies have a distinct health focus. In these industries, there is a huge demand for marketing personnel, copywriters, and business analysts, as well as accountants and finance professionals, public relations, and project managers.



Careers in Workplace Wellness & Wellness Tourism

Starting a career in wellness industry doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in health and wellness. These industries are run by people and the job roles are varied and much sought-after. Also many companies are initiating wellness programs to promote work life balance for its employees and have open positions like wellness coordinators and health coaches. Jobs like these entail managing after-work fitness centers, doing health and fitness assessments and administrative functions. You could also choose to be a personal trainer, a lifestyle coach, a sports trainer, or a weight management specialist or you could roll all into one and become a lifestyle and fitness professional.

Wellness travel has gone far beyond the spa as travelers show more interest in bootcamps, retreats and expect healthier choice of cuisine at hotels and airlines. Eco-luxury, gluten-free, cleansing, detoxification, vitality and mindfulness are a few buzzwords that you may want to know more about.

If you love traveling and want to mix pleasure with business you may consider getting into the wellness tourism industry. A career in the industry means that you get to work anywhere in the world and develop an attractive portfolio of international experience.


Again, if you’re a health nut, there’s a world of opportunity out there to connect your talents with what you’re passionate about. If you are interested in healthcare, check out our guide for careers in healthcare that don’t require advanced degrees. Otherwise, ponder some of our aforementioned careers as you down your afternoon kale smoothie.


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