Careers in March Madness

March Madness 2018 is under way, and whether or not you follow college basketball, it’s undeniable the cultural impact and popularity March Madness has in America.

The tournament brings in well over $1 billion in ad revenue, and last year an estimated $10.4 billion was generated in wagers and bets on the tournament.  The players actually participating don’t make a dime off of it (that’s a topic for another time), but it’s a major money operation and involves thousands of people beyond the players. Some are quite visible, while others fill roles that you may have never thought about. In this March Madness careers series, we’ll take a look at all the folks that make March Madness, as we know it, possible.



Part I: College Athletic Department Careers


sports broadcasting

Part II: Sports Broadcasting Careers



Part III: NCAA and Athletic Conference Careers


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