Six Things Every New College Graduate Should Read

College Graduation. You’ve completed 16 straight years of schooling along a fairly predictable path. Now you’re entering a period of incredible possibility, but also incredible uncertainty. No matter your situation, plans, or lack-there-of, it is probably one part exciting and one part terrifying. To help out with a little of that anxiety, we’ve pulled together these six articles that every graduate needs to read.


21 Things No One Tells You When You Graduate College

by Jon Acuff
The gist: Nuggets of wisdom for our first foray into the real world. Highlights: “The real world is more fun than grumpy adults have ever told you,” “One of your friends will be instantly successful [don’t get caught up in comparison]” and “Don’t put off your student loans”  



What To Do After You Graduate College

by Gary Vaynerchuk
The gist: You are entering the greatest 5-year window of your life. Don’t let anyone tell you different.



13 Real World Tips for College Grads

by Teresa Mears
The gist: Practical, real world, mostly financial, essentials that we definitely should have been taught in school but weren’t.



Five Tips for Your First Job

by John Coleman
The gist: We’ll all feel lost at times in our first job after college. That’s normal–but following some simple advice can help you get over it quickly, catch up to the learning curve, and truly thrive. 



Easy Tips to Take You from College to Success in Jobs, Love, and Life

by Nell Minow
The gist: We often mentally compartmentalize parts of our lives (as well as life advice), but there are behaviors and attitudes that can help you succeed in all of them. Examples: “No complaining without a proposed solution” and “On time means 15 minutes early.” 



The Unspoken Rules of the Workplace That No One Tells You

by Anisa Purbasari Horton
The gist: There are things that people who have been working for a few years take for granted, so they probably won’t tell you when you start. But your life and job will be a lot easier if you know these things.


Now go out and conquer the world. Set your eyes on new heights and live the life you want to. Hopefully college was the best time of your life so far, but that doesn’t mean the next four years shouldn’t be even better.

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